A Center Made For You

In consonance with its basic ethos to knit the dairy fraternity together in order to promote partnership and participation, IDA has instituted a Convention Centre for its HQ in New Delhi. The centre is tailor-made to suit the requirements of the dairy professionals and is designed to enhance and supplement the activities of the dairy industry.

Convention Centre aims to provide the members with working space for various dairy and food projects. This will facilitate the members to coordinate their dairy development activities from the New Delhi office itself. Convention Centre is divided into thirteen cabins by partitioning the big hall, measuring about 4000 sq. ft along with a Conference Room to accommodate 16-18 people (chargeable at a fee of Rs. 4000+12.36% ST per day), on the second floor of the IDA building. Also, the large cabin having an area of 270 sq ft (including super area) would be charged at a fee of Rs. 15,000/- per month+12.36% ST and the small cabin with an area of 155 sq ft. (including super area) would be at Rs. 8,000/- per month+12.36% ST.

Terms & Conditions
  • Grant of license on payment of charges mentioned in the agreement.
  • No preferential treatment will be accorded to the early admittants to IDA membership.
  • Tenure for using facilities is subject to Secretary General’s (SG) decision.
  • The decision of SG/authorised IDA official is binding on all.
  • The possession and upkeep of premises shall vest with IDA.
  • Termination of license in case payments are not made within seven days of intimation/bill.
  • Security deposit is refundable on expiry of licence.
  • SG/authorised IDA official shall specify the days on which Convention Centre will be closed.
  • Lock and control of Convention Centre will be in charge of SG.
  • Locking devices shall be in IDA custody. Any damage shall be borne by the second party.
  • The second party shall ensure the safe custody of all IDA belongings in their room.
  • The second party shall abide by the decorum and moral standards – befitting IDA as a public institution of international repute.
  • No display of hoardings/sign boards in IDA premises.
  • Instructions/conditions are binding on the second party – as per the IDA agreement.
  • No subletting or induction of outsider.
  • License is non-transferable.
  • Agreement regarding membership should be prior to admittance to the Convention Centre.
  • Smoking or drinking is prohibited.
  • The admittants should conduct themselves in all fairness and should abide by propriety of mannerisms expected from the members of IDA /Convention Centre.
  • Illegal omission/commission is not permissible.
  • Recruitment/collection of funds within IDA is prohibited.
  • Prior written consent of SG/IDA official necessary for any reference to IDA address in media.
  • Facility ceases on expiry/revocation of license.
  • Revocation of license on misuse of any facility.
  • Authorised IDA official can act on behalf of SG.
  • Security and staff of IDA are endowed with powers to restrict movement of individuals or items within IDA premises.
  • Agreement will be subject to the jurisdiction of Delhi courts.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of IDA President shall be final. Members interested in booking Cabin / Conference Room